While We Were Away

While We Were Away


Yes, I understand most people aren’t around while their homes are being built. But we aren’t most people and this isn’t a normal home. Although I’m sure our builders were quite happy for some breathing room, it was hard not being around and having minimal to no cell coverage for a month. I flew back to work for a week, so I got to peek in on the progress and this is how the house looked.

The roof happened, the overhangs were built. Man they look big.

Soffit RoofCurveOuterroofcurveCurvefromhigh

The concrete slab on the main floor was poured.  We had to decide where to make the seam cuts while on the road…drawing designs on the back of a napkin and hoping it looked decent when we saw it in real life. Looks pretty good.


See the inset for the cork floor in the kitchen?


It will be interesting to see how this floor polishes up.

Backside (1)

View from back.

Our bedroom view.

I guess windows and doors are next week.  I’m actually glad not to be around for that. The front window is the exact same window as in the upper back addition, it’s huge. And the glass looking to the back yard is floor to ceiling, with a glass door. It’s going to be brutal. Glad I don’t have to watch.


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