Remembering Our First Pour

Remembering Our First Pour

On the eve of Jake’s first pour, I’m a little nervous for him. With reason. The potential for calamity is great.


If the blocks aren’t stacked and braced properly, the weight of the concrete can blow the wall apart.  It’s hard work too. The concrete has to be sloshed around before it sets to make sure no pockets form. Ryan’s first pour was August 19, 2010. Bo has been there for every pour, even Chad got in on the fun once.



Ryan’s blow out above the garage door October 22, 2010. Sad day. The block wasn’t braced to hold the weight of the concrete over the door and the block just blew out and concrete poured all over our yard. It’s lovingly referred to as the $1300 hole. He braced the heck out of the block after that and no problems going forward.

Superbraced and ready to go!

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