Knockdown Day

Knockdown Day


worriedCrazy day. I had nutty dreams all last night, sleeping in the Airstream in the driveway outside the house we just let a bunch of kids vandalize.  Just weird feelings of nostalgia, regret, anxiety…my gosh what are we doing…all wrapped up in surreal dream fashion. Many thanks to our friends for bringing wine to our house-unwarming party. That helped, but still not a particularly restful night.

We had a little delay today as the local version of Roz from Monsters, Inc kept the crew held up while she reviewed “the paperwork” so we could get her permission to demolish our home on our property. Seriously. You wonder why I stuck a Gadsden flag on the door.

We kept the kids out of school so they could watch the demo. It was interesting. You know the emotional stages little kids go through at an open casket visitation? At first they’re sad and a little weirded out. Then, familiarity and acceptance start forming and pretty soon they’re eating snacks at the wake.

That’s pretty much what went down. For the first quarter of the house, the kids were a little concerned and sad. By the end, they were wandering around saying they were bored and wanted to get to the campground.  I guess that’s what I wanted the process to be in the end, boring. Just part of life. Moving on…




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