Camp Cote

Camp Cote


Hands down favorite campsite of the trip was “Camp Cote”, or…Paul and Cindy’s driveway. The kids loved playing in the pool and saving frogs and other critters who wandered into the pool overnight.


Jumping through the mini inner tube.

Brynn got to work on her diving skills, which improved greatly from her first attempts in Old Orchard Beach.

Paul and Cindy are also vegans, which is super-awesome for our kids since they are pros at baking without eggs and dairy. Paul made his famous wild blueberry pancakes and muffins and they were fantastic.

LegoBreakfast (1) Katiemuffin JackpancakesKatieTractor


Cindy collects fruits stickers. Amazing. I’ve never, ever seen anything like this. Just awesome. And now I find our kids with extra fruit stickers on their palms as we leave the grocery…


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