Kids had another month of school left after knockdown, so we decided to live in the Airstream at a local campground for the month. This was our first real exposure to the subculture of residential camper folk. We’ve never stayed very long at any campground, and most always at state or national parks to boot. This is a whole different story.  Especially off season.

On the upside, it’s a world away from our uptight neighborhood that polices everything from the length of your backyard lawn (no more than 6 inches, or you’ll get reported) to how loud your dog is. Camping people really don’t mind anyone else’s business.  The downside? Yeah, I saw far too many pit bulls, men’s cracks and Bud Light than I really prefer. There’s gotta be middle ground somewhere and this is probably why I haven’t gone full libertarian. I’ve seen humanity.

But for the kids, it was a blast. Imagine coming home to a campground every night: playground, gaga ball, pool, inflatables, tractor rides and new little friends setting up camp every day.  They loved it. I guess that’s all that matters.

Gaga Ball

Bounce Pillow

Tractor Pull

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