Trusses, Twinkies, and Rock and Roll

Trusses, Twinkies, and Rock and Roll


Tuesdays at the pit are crazy. We have to leave Pentwater early enough for 9am piano lessons in GR, 10:30 allergy shots in Forest Hills, then lunch at the pit, 12:00 cello lessons in Easttown, patients start at 1:10 in Wyoming for me.  The kids hang out at the pit all day with Ryan until he takes them back to Pentwater, I’m usually done seeing patients by 9pm and I drive to Pentwater to join them. Phew.

Today they were setting the roof trusses, which I think they might have done a few backwards. But whatever.  The kids got to listen to some construction worker tunes and Katie tried a Twinkie for the first time. I think she liked it.

BalancingTrussesTrusses2 TopFloor1TopFloor2


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