Thos. Moser

Thos. Moser

On our honeymoon in 1997, we stayed at a cottage up in Leeland, Michigan with some beautiful furniture. We really really loved that furniture. There were stools that looked like this:Stools


And an upstairs window overlooking Lake Michigan with a desk that looked like this:Desk

It wasn’t until I was doing my residency in Maine, that we walked into a store in Freeport and said…wait…a…minute. This is the furniture! Holy cow!

So when Brynn was born, we went to the seconds shop and bought a discounted New Glouster Rocker, the only “defect” being a sliver of sapwood on the seat.  She was a particularly cantankerous infant, so that rocker got a lot of wear.

This spring for our 18th anniversary, we bought 3 stools to go in the new kitchen with plans to pick them up in Maine on our trip. Ryan took the kids to the factory to pick up the stools while I was back in Michigan working for the week.


A perfect fit! Now we just need a kitchen.


Thos. Moser is building chairs for the pope’s visit next month.  The pope will be speaking from the same lectern Abraham Lincoln used to give the Gettysburg Address.  Because the lectern hasn’t been used since and is in disrepair, Thos. Moser was also commissioned to build a steel reinforcement for the lectern. They first built a replica, and then designed the rail system.

And as a bonus, the kids got to meet the man, Thos. Moser. And his dog, how cool is that?


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