The stucco is finally finished, taking about 6 weeks from scratch coat to final coat.  The weather these guys worked under was crazy, ranging from nearly 100 degrees to sleeting within that 6 weeks.

We used the same stucco guys as for the back addition, Heyboer & Bolt. However, this time we used a different finish product. Last time we used Sto Lotusan, which has the benefit of being easier to clean. After the fact, we also realized a downside, which was lots of cracking.  This time, we used Sto Powerflex, which is very elastic even after curing.  It nearly never cracks, but may not be as easy to clean. Time will tell on that.

The reason this took 6 weeks was that we used real stucco, not EIFS (the more common method of  1/4 inch stucco facade).  These guys put 4 coats on the house: scratch coat, brown coat, coarse color coat, finish color coat. Crazy amount of work.

Scratch CoatScratchcoat4ScratchcoatScratchCoatScaffoldingHousescratch


Sto Powerflex Silco Fine
Colorcoat roofdetailcolorcoathouse
Sto Powerflex Silco FreeformFinalStuccocoatFinishesOn the corner you can see the difference between Sto Powerflex Silco Freeform and Sto Powerflex Silco Fine

FinalcoatSo smooth!


Jamal taking down the plastic to reveal the windows.  I forgot how pretty they are!

WindowscaffoldingBackviewMentalkingHappy guys.

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  1. how is the powerflex silco performing? better or worse than lotusan? about to stucco my house with sto product and have to make a decision of what to use….thanks

  2. Hi Janette, the Powerflex has performed beautifully through 2 1/2 winters now. No cracking anywhere, it washes up nicely too. I wish we’d used the product on the back addition. The lotusan cracked terribly…ugh. I just try to tell myself it’s “rustic”.

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