First Floor Done, No Blow Outs

First Floor Done, No Blow Outs


So our builder, Jake, is the go-to guy around here when it comes to ICFs. He built his own house with them recently. But this is his first project using Durisol. And he was giving me palpitations with his plan to do the entire house in two concrete pours. I was certain he was going to have a blow out on the first floor.

See, I have an incredibly healthy respect for Durisol, having witnessed the $1300 blowout of 2010.

In our case with the back addition, Ryan would stack about 8 blocks high, then call in the pumper truck because the industrial bracing system is prohibitively expensive. He used 4 pours for the back addition. So imagine my consternation when Jake proposed 2 pours for the whole project.

Seemed crazy to me, but they called up the Durisol folks and they said everything would be fine. Jake braced the heck out of the thing and it worked out just fine.  Um…just like I thought it would be. Just fine. Never a doubt in my mind, Jake.


A clean slate.


All the Durisol, ready for stacking.

InsideDurisolQuarterwayCarryingBlock Girlsinkitchen

Hanging out in the kitchen.


Window bucks in action.


All braced and ready to go.



See? Just fine.

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