Basement Walls

Basement Walls


Despite pleading and offers of extra cash, the concrete guys won’t leave the forms on over the weekend. 24 hours and they’re off to another project, baby. If there’s one thing we’ve learned on this project, it’s that there’s the science, there’s the reality,  and there’s always some inventor who has created a solution when the two are in conflict.

In this case, science says the forms should stay in place for 7 days to properly cure the concrete. In the reality of this economy, with so few building tradesmen left in business for the work, the forms can’t sit idle for a week.  The solution here is a curing solution, spray it on and good to go.


Next layer is the waterproofing, in our case WatchDog H3 .  And for the nerds, H3 stands for 3 feet of hydrostatic pressure.


Finished off with insulation, in our case Roxsul.



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